Like many underserved regions in low- and middle-income countries in the world, dialysis is hard to come by in West Africa. In the region, complications from malaria, called black water fever, is the most common cause of kidney failure, killing about 25% of the people who contact it.

dialysis machines donated
clinical staff trained
treatments delivered each year

Mission Overview

Partner: Central Hospital University

In November 2006, DaVita Village Trust, through the Bridge of Life program, partnered with WORTH (World Organization of Renal Therapies) to open a four-station dialysis facility at Central Hospital University in Yaoundé, the capital city. Volunteers from the Bridge of Life program provided clinical training and education to the local medical team. Shortly after, the facility at the Yaoundé Central Hospital, University at Yaoundé opened and the first patient received dialysis. DaVita Village Trust was present for five weeks working extensively with the local staff to assure patients received proper care and education.

In 2007, as part of a follow-up mission, DaVita Village Trust again partnered with WORTH to ship a container of supplies and additional dialysis machines to provide the facility with continued means to perform dialysis treatments.

Cameroon 2006-2007