About Us

DaVita Village Trust, an organization founded by DaVita Healthcare Partners, is improving kidney care and chronic kidney disease (CKD) awareness while saving lives through early-detection testing, kidney care education and increased access to dialysis treatment in underserved communities around the world.

Our History

Bridge of Life

Bridge of Life was created as a response to the urgent need for dialysis in developing countries. In 2006, the concept of Bridge of Life was inspired by DaVita, a leading kidney care provider in the United States, when they launched DaVita Medical Missions, which set out to improve kidney care at clinics and hospitals in underserved areas. The DaVita Medical Missions program continued to grow and provide lifesaving dialysis to global communities until, in 2007, the program became its own independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization named Bridge of Life – DaVita Medical Missions.

The Kidney TRUST

In 2006, The Kidney TRUST was created to increase public awareness of CKD through community outreach, education, and its rapid-testing program to identify individuals who have signs of kidney impairment. There is growing recognition in the kidney disease community that widespread testing could have a profound impact on the progression of CKD. The Kidney TRUST’s new, rapid-testing program is one of a growing number of initiatives focused on raising awareness about CKD and providing opportunities for testing in the general population.

DaVita Village Trust

In 2014, DaVita Village Trust brought together these two prominent kidney care non-profit organizations. The combined programs of The Kidney TRUST and Bridge of Life allow DaVita Village Trust to provide a full range of kidney care services. These include international medical missions that deliver dialysis treatment to patients who would otherwise not receive care and free-rapid screening programs to identify those who have signs of kidney impairment within the U.S. and abroad.

DEPTH Programs

The focus of the DaVita Village Trust programs is based on DEPTH: Delivering Education, Prevention, Treatment, and Hope. Kidney disease is a wide-spread epidemic with no simple answers or solutions. We believe that only through an approach that encompasses all aspects of kidney disease, from awareness to screenings to treatment, will we be able to make a difference for those in need of care. Learn more about our program focuses by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page.

In 2014, with your support, DaVita Village Trust will complete 18 medical missions, which will expand access to quality dialysis treatment for more than 330 patients around the world. Additionally, DaVita Village Trust will provide free rapid-screenings for more than 12,000 people in at-risk populations or underserved communities.